How to Draw Hijab Photos With Vector Photo Style in Photoshop CS4

How to Draw Hijab Photos With Vector Photo Style in Photoshop CS4
How to Draw Hijab Photos With Vector Photo Style in Photoshop CS4

Tutorial Creating Vector Veil Images Using Photoshop - This time meeting, we will discuss the problem of drawing tutorial part veil for vector, previously I've shared other tutorials, ranging from the eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows, eyeballs that I have discuss all of them in this blog. To further complete the vector drawing tutorial in photoshop, then I make again tutorial section hoods to further add our own skills in editing photos into cartoons.

At this stage, your ability is to provide color effects to create vector images into 3D and look more real. Expertise in making vector art images is not only in fokoskan to the use of pen tool, but buddy in must be able to adjust the various colors from the darkest and also bright. Well, to shorten the time, let's go to the vector tutorial drawing the veil section using photoshop.

Step 1: Open the photoshop of each friend on the computer.

Step 2: Open the image of the hood by pressing CTRL + O, to have a picture of a veil that is like mine, see here.

Step 3: Select the pen tool that is in the right sidebar of photoshop, and the selection is the part of the veil using the pen tool, be like this example.


Step 4: When you have finished selecting the veil with the pen tool, then please use the pen tool again, but for setting the pen tool it should be like this example.
The function of the above settings is to remove certain parts, such as the picture of the veil that we created earlier, there is still a selection of faces that we choose to use the pen tool in the first way, so we continue to select the face only to remove the still-closed color , how to select the face and look like this example.

step 5: Next we create a group with the name of the veil, so easy for us to collect certain parts so as not to fall apart later. See an example.

Step 6: At this stage, we will give coloration on certain parts from the dark side to the brightest. Create another 1 group with the name "Tone Veil Color", Next, click on the picture hood to give effect coloring, how to open Image - Ajustments - Posterize like this for example.

Arrange in accordance with the quality of the image pal, here I use Posterize with size number 11, the function of postesize this is to facilitate us to know the dark side of the color and light.

Step 7: Here I take the coloring starting from the brightest side of the color. For color tone, please see here. see example, i took the first color part like this.

Selection is the color parts that according to my pal, and remember the initial color is light color. do not get wrong in the selection of colors, if you want the results in accordance with the wishes. Continue again to select the second color portion for the hijab like this.

To select the second color, try to select a slightly darker color than the first one, then again select the third color part using the pent tool and select a slightly darker part of the image, than before.

We see the results first by pressing the eye icon on the image of the veil before, whether the appropriate coloring that we apply earlier.

There are two more colors left, a slightly black part of the color that I give the arrow above. please select again the black part of his pen tool, do the way as before that I have explained above. and for the part of the layers of its layer in the group, please adjust the sequence number, from light color to bottom. Look at this example.

Step 9: If you select the color portion according to the portize image flow, then you will get the result like this for example, for the completion stage of the veil color.

After finishing the staining stage of the veil section, then next we save first on the folder. and we will continue again the other coloring parts such as clothes and so on, My be will I share again in the next post.

If in this tutorial, there are still some in question and not yet understood, please my friend to ask who insha Allah will I answer to make it easier for all friends in the pursuit of making the image into a cartoon or in vending art trending language or the like.
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